Locals Oppose Liquor License for New Franklin Avenue Spot ‘Crow Bar’

CROWN HEIGHTS — A new bar looking to set up shop on Franklin Avenue is getting pushback from locals who say the business will further saturate a bar-heavy strip.



Will micro-apartments on Hanover Street reshape Manchester’s identity?

Is Manchester ready to take a giant step into the future of urban life with micro-apartments that would target millennials?

The Flats @ Hanover Commons will connect Bronstein Park (formerly Hanover Commons) to Elm Street and “spur re-gentrification by attracting a tenant base focused on walk-ability, amenities and living efficiency.”

If a micro-apartment complex succeeds here it may help solve one of the city’s biggest challenges: attracting and maintaining a young, educated workforce, needed to help companies of the future grow their workforce and potentially shift the focus of the downtown, toward a more walkable, upscale culture.

He said for him it’s less about “gentrification,” a term that can be divisive, and more about “softening the concentration of poverty.”